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    • By VeiJari
      Hello forum! 
      Our customer wants to choose only 15 minute intervals in the inputfield Datetime. So the dropdown values would be: 0, 15, 30 and 45.
      Is there an easy way to achieve this?
      Any help is appreciated 🙂
    • By gebeer
      I have a frontend contact form with datepicker and need to have the german localization for it.
      I read about localization of datepicker on the jQuery Ui API page.
      How can I implement this in PW? I'm using FormBuilder module
      My form is loading these assets:
      I rolled a custom UI theme and amended the js to have German language for datepicker.
      Now when I load that js file on top of the above mentioned, nothing changes. So I guess, the standard PW datepicker options do net get overridden by my custom theme js.
      In this thread apeisa says 
      How would I go about it?
      Thank you
      PS: and sorry for doubleposting. I thought I explain my situation a bit more in this new thread.
    • By tuke
      I'm trying to build a date input field with following functionality:
      - Date can be manually typed using format dd.mm.yyyy
      - Date can be selected using datepicker (which should output the date in dd.mm.yyyy format)
      The problem is that the date field only accepts dashes (-) as a separator so the date must be entered using format mm-dd-yyyy. Also, when a date is selected using datepicked, it is outputted in mm-dd-yyyy format.
      How can I change the format to dd.mm.yyyy? I tried to change the format settings but it had no effect.
      My settings:

      I'm using Processwire 2.3.0.
      EDIT: The datepicker works correctly in admin section but not in my front-end custom page.
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