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nginx blocks (?) some resolving URL negotiation

Guy Verville

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ProcessWire has excellent functionality when it comes to solving URLs in another language.

For example, suppose I have the following addresses: domain.com/en/career and domain/fr/carriere.

If a user types domain.com/carriere, ProcessWire will be able to deduce that the correct address is domain.com/fr/carriere.

On my machine, I can switch between Apache and nginx and the expected behavior works very well with Apache, but not with nginx which will systematically send me back /en/career.

I tried to study the ProcessWire code, including the getPage() function and the LanguageSupportPageNames module, but I can't find where it fails. All I perceive is that the user's language does not switch, it remains in English.

I would like to point out that otherwise, ProcessWire works smoothly with nginx.

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