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ProcessWire with Debian 10 and PHP 7.3.4-2: So far so good!

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Debian 10 (codename Buster) stable version has been released on July 6. Around a week later it was available for download at my server provider. Yesterday I put myself in good mood … 🙄and I decided to update my VPS. As Debian 10 comes with PHP 7.3.4-2 bundled, I wanted to take the opportunity to upgrade from PHP 7.0.

The process of updating from Debian 9 to Debian 10 was quite smooth. I just had to manually check some configuration files that I previously changed, in particular openssh, sysctl, postfixadmin, and dovecot. All small fixes. I just encountered two issues: emails were not accessible in remote and network.service did not start. The first one was depending from dovecot configuration files, while the second was a bit more tricky to solve. 🤬

I installed PHP 7.3.4-2 FPM/FastCGI and updated the virtual hosts accordingly. So far I did not encounter issues. There were only some incompatibility problems of PhpMyAdmin 4.6.6 (the version that comes from Debian) with PHP 7.3. As I am not in a hurry to update it, for the time being I just reverted its dedicated virtual host to PHP 7.0.

And finally let's come to ProcessWire (3.0.123). After the update everything seems to be working well. 😀

I only had an issue with one of my custom classes. As of PHP 7.2 the word "object" has become a reserved word🤪It took a bit of patience to find, as even with display errors enabled in php.ini you do not get any error (not even in logs) but just the blank screen. 😱

So far so good! If I encounter any issue I will let you know. Wish you a nice weekend!

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