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Iterate over Repeater and output it via JSON


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Hi community,

I am trying to build a way to create some JSON output for some pages. For this I created a template called json.php. This one has URL segments enabled and based on this it gives me some page data. I mostly use this for getting some JSON into my JS libraries (like Vue.js) to build some interactive filters. 

So for example www.domain.com/json/referenzen should give me all data from the clients child pages (usually logo references). This works totally fine. 

But for one special case (getting management child pages) I have a repeater item on each page and I am not sure how to get this repeater item into my JSON data. My code looks as follows: 

<?php namespace ProcessWire;

if (!$input->urlSegment1) {

$data = array();

switch ($input->urlSegment1) {
	case "referenzen":
		$p = $pages->get("name=referenzen");
		foreach ($p->logo_select as $logo) {
			$data[] = array(
				"name" => $logo->title,
				"url" => $logo->image->url,
				"category" => $logo->business_category->value
	case "management":
		$p = $pages->get("name=management")->children;
		foreach ($p as $m) {
			$data[] = array(
				"name" => $m->title,
				"venture" => $m->venture_select->title,
				"image"	=> array(
					"url" => $m->image->url,
					"description" => $m->image->description
				"position" => $m->team_details->position,
				"email" => $m->team_details->email,
				"phone" => $m->team_details->phone,
				"socials" => $m->socials // This is the repeater item which has links to social networks


header("Content-type: application/json");
echo wireEncodeJSON($data);
return $this->halt();

I know there are some modules like Pages2JSON or PageQueryBoss but I thought I could solve this without extra need of a module. Would be nice if someone could point me into the right direction. Thanks!

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You can use WireArray's explode method to get the required property(s) from your repeater.

	"socials" => $m->socials->explode(['title', 'url'])

Pass it a function instead of a property name or names to add fancier processing:

	"socials" => $m->socials->explode(function($item, $key) {
		return [
			"name"	=>	$item->title,
			"link"	=>	$item->url


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