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ProcessWire on OVH and Database


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Hi everybody,

First of all, sorry if the topic isn't in the right section.

Then, I'm here because I did a website with ProcessWire in order to replace an old Wordpress website. The website is almost ready and I'm gonna host it on OVH. But I saw this topic and now I have some doubts

Also, since we already have a Wordpress site currently hosted, can there be any concerns about the database aspect? I mean if I put my ProcessWire site (so with the corresponding database), would I have any problems with the Wordpress database?

Thanks by advance for your answers

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Sorry for the double post, I can't edit the first one. I have another question. I know this might be a ridiculous question, but if I host my website on OVH, am I safe? Is there any potential issue again?

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Hi @Rodd I tested PW on an OVH shared hosting (the Pro version) and I had no issues.

Unfortunately in my case I needed to use PHP at 64-bit which OVH was not supporting on sharing hosting. I took the opportunity to switch to a VPS.

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