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Jonathan Lahijani

Possible to detect the existing value of a setting() in my code editor when I override it in another file?

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I'm looking to improve my editor (VSCode) in a way whereby it will tell me the value of a ProcessWire setting() value that's been defined in another file as I write an override setting.

Let's say I have a file called /site/templates/settings-default.php with the following:

setting("my-div", "my-default-class");

And I have another file called /site/templates/settings-override.php with the following:

setting("my-div", "my-override-class");

As I'm writing that specific line in "settings-override.php", is it possible through some sort of auto-suggest / intellisense for it to tell me the value of the setting in "settings-default.php" so that it provides context in realtime as I write the override setting?  This would prevent me from having to switch between the two files in my editor and improve my workflow.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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