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Laragon connects to the internet

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I have been using Laragon for a while with good success.
Today all of a sudden it starts to connect with the internet
when I am opening a website in localhost. So for example
I start Laragon, and open http://localhost/mywebsite
before it opened immediately and never connected with the internet.
However now it connects with the internet and it takes halve
a minute before the website shows up for editing.
Does anybody know how this new behaviour could happen ?



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Why is your website address http://localhost/mywebsite and not http://mywebsite.test ?

Do all hosts try to connect to the internet?

What happens when you disconnect your computer from the internet?

What can be found in the network monitor (dev console)?


Within my laragon setup I notice a slow first request - kind of a wake-up-call but that's it. And it only takes a second or two.

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