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[solved] Weekend Challenge: Need help for my new Markup Module :)

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I'm close to releasing my new module called RockMarkup which will be similar to @kongondo's and @kixe's markup modules. The module is already on github and ready to play with: https://github.com/BernhardBaumrock/RockMarkup

Unfortunately I have a bug that I can't seem to find. When a field is placed in a template and visibility is set to "closed + AJAX load" the field does not work at all:

Would be great to get some help with this one!


URL for installation of the module: https://github.com/BernhardBaumrock/RockMarkup/archive/master.zip

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Just submitted a pull-request. I figured out that if the output is wrapped into a div it‘s getting loaded properly. Please don‘t ask why 🙈


Thanks for sharing your module!

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Thx, that was one part of the problem, but the actual problem was that I had the setLabel() method called in the render() method of the inputfield and that obviously didn't work on ajax fields. It worked in my ProcessModule because the label there was set manually (and it worked in your example because you also set a label in the field settings, thx for the video!). The latest version now fixes all those problems and I think this version is already quite useful.

Next week I'll continue my work on RockTabulator which will be based on RockMarkup and if that all works well and does not need any further changes I'll officially release RockMarkup.

Have a great weekend everybody 🙂 

Edit: This is a perfect example why I started building this module: In theory it's always easy to create custom markup anywhere in the admin by using hooks or creating little custom modules. But after time you change things, move fields or set them to AJAX and things break... The goal of this new module is that you don't have to take care about all that. Just paste some code and get reliable results 🙂 

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