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subfield-selector for guest problem

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i try to use a subfield-selector to find pages with tagged files (downloads) inside a repeater (content_blocks):

wire('pages')->find("template=basic-page, content_blocks.downloads.tags!=''");

now, this works as expected when i'm loggedin as superuser, but not as guest. it behaves like no subfield-selector than .count is possible for loggedOut users. any idea what the problem is?

ProcessWire 3.0.123
PHP Version 7.0.32


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thank you both.

neither check_access=0 nor include_all=1 works here (even in the field settings, the access-toggle for api usage is set true for both, content_blocks repeater and downloads) . instead i got it working (for both, suberadmin and guest) by doing it like that (similar to Cengiz' solution from the post below):

wire('pages')->find("template=basic-page, content_blocks=content_blocks.downloads.tags!='', check_access=0");

maybe this has some impact on further usage of the including function, but for this case it works. Any tips are welcome for a more certain syntax.

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