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Walter Group. A multisite


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We had the opportunity and pleasure to create a multi-site with ProcessWire. The Walter Group consists of four investment units, each with its own domain name(s). Thus, six domain names with two different language negotiation strategies had to be managed by a single installation. The four sites more or less share news, staff and other information.

  1. waltergroup.ca (in English) and groupewalter.ca (in French)
  2. walterfinancial.ca (in English) and financierewalter.ca (in French)
  3. waltercapital.ca/en and /fr
  4. walter-gam.com/en and /fr

The Multisite module was designed to meet the challenge. A tree structure has been created with the four units, with news and management staff pages placed outside these sites so that they can be more easily managed by Walter Group. We also used FormBuilder for the four contact forms whose entries had to be directed to different people.

The result really pleased the Walter group, long used to complicated CMS!





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