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Max file size for uploading a file?


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On 1/11/2023 at 8:39 AM, itsberni said:

Any suggestions here.
Many Thanks!

Did you find a solution yet? Depending on your host it could be that you can not make changes to your php.ini.

The size of the setting could also be limitted by your web package that you bought.

Some other hosters like Domain Factory use a user.ini instead of a php.ini in the root of your webspace, where you can make adjustments.

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I had issue with uploads and found adding to .htaccess in the root under section 11F resolved all upload issues for me 

LimitRequestBody 0
SSLRenegBufferSize 50242880

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@PhilR I can understand why LimitRequestBody 0 may solve this issue for you - but it sounds like you needed to also set the SSLRenegBufferSize for a file upload to work - is that right? If so, I wonder why that was needed.  What kind of sizes were the files you were uploading?

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