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How to simplify Templates for long blogposts


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What is the best to way to structure my PW Template for long blogposts with repeating text paragraphs, images and custom code? I am looking for a flexible solution to add and rearrange text or images. A blogpost looks always different:


Here's what I came up with so far...
1. One approach could be using CKEditor along with ckeditor config.autoGrow. However I don't like the idea to add all content into one giant textfield and with one looooong  scrollbar.
2. Repeater module seems to be the right choice. But text and image fields are always bundled within the repeater, even when no text field is required. Editing long post could be really confusing. 
3. ProFields and Repeater Matrix looks like the right solution I am looking for. According to the ProFields description it is possible to add, combine, arrange different fields in one Repeater. Is that correct?

Thank you for any help. 

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Definitely go with Repeater Matrix. It's worth every cent. Plus, ProFields has lots of other items you'll find helpful. You'll reduce development time drastically, and your client will enjoy the ease of use and flexibility.

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      I dont know how they work internally, whether they depend on each other, but I'd love to be able to test and buy RepeaterMatrix or Multiplier or Table (or any other) module individually. Whole pack of ProFields modules seems awesome to have, however, being able to buy one for ~$30 --instead of all for $130-- sounds much more affordable and this way I could buy the whole pack part by part in several months and wouldn't think twice. But $130 at once, I can't really justify it (and still havent been able to) just as easily with low (to none) disposable student income.  Or instead, having sales one - twice a year would be great as well.
      One advantage of this change would be allowing more people to buy -> support the development & community -> give feedback -> improve these products. This could also potentially pose a disadvantage where requests from people would increase the headache and time required to respond to all these requests, but this community is more than able to handle that.
      I'm sure there's a reason to why these modules are sold together, and I'd love to hear your side as well, @ryan, (and all other maintainers).
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