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ProcessWireUpgrade Not Showing Core Upgrade Options


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I have the ProcessWireUpgrade module installed. I can see installed and latest versions for modules - like Form Builder and DatabaseBackups, but none of the core options are listed.

I manually upgraded this site from 3.0.98 to 3.0.123. Those options weren't visible before. I thought that upgrade might make them appear, but I still don't see them.

This is on a client's hosting, Network Solutions, so it's not the normal hosting I use with PW. With debug on, I see the following warning. I don't know if that's relevant at all.

Warning: Illegal string offset 'name' in site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/ProcessWireUpgrade/ProcessWireUpgradeCheck.module on line 336

I like the convenience of using that module to upgrade a site, rather than doing it manually. So I'd like to figure out what is happening here. 

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Tried that, but still get the warning.

Attached a screen capture of what is included when I go to the upgrade page. On every other site I've used pw on, I see the core upgrades, but not on this one.


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I believe it could be a problem with the Hosting Service and the security settings applied by them.

Let me explain:
I have a lot of clients where I update the ProcessWire Master with the Upgrades module without any problems. Upgrades of ProcessWire Master and Dev Versions, including the latest versions, are show on the Upgrades page.
But there are also some clients, who use the German Hoster Strato.de. Maybe it's something with the Hosters security settings, but I never see any Updates regarding the ProcessWire versions? I can only see possible updates of modules. So I always have to udpate manually by FTP. 

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I have the same problems with these large German providers and my conclusion is that Strato and Ionos (1&1) are not ideal for this. This applies to both hosting offers and V-Server offers. Strato support doesn't take care of anything, at least for me, even if you pay extra for it. Maybe someone has had better experiences. My solution so far is to perform the update manually via SFTP. But that is also the recommendation that I read somewhere in the PW forum and in the documentation.



“...When upgrading the core, we prefer to do this manually since it is already very simple, but wanted to let you know about the option either way...”

With Strato it is also important to use caching, otherwise there will constantly be errors regarding simultaneous database access. I only had this problem with Strato and have often complained about it there without success.
But maybe someone still has a solution to make it easy to do it using the upgrade tool even with such providers with restrictions...

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