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$page->meta() ties data to the page its used on.


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I have been experimenting with the new $page->meta() method and find it useful.

Once i figured out that the data i "save" with it is tied to the page where i called the method from.

So this is not obvious at least not for me in the documentation:


So i just wanted to share that revelation with the community so you don´t get as confused as i was.

Happy Coding Everyone.

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10 hours ago, Markus (Blue Tomato) said:

Hmm, I think it's very clear because it's a method from $page. Everything you do from $page are tied to the page itself.

Thats great for you. But still nothing in the documentation suggests that it´s obvious just because its a method of $page.

It´s says the data is independent of the fields of the page and such lead me to belive i could call $page->meta() from any page and get the data back that i saved.

Anyhow, this post is for the people who don´t think its obvious.

We are all different.

But thank you for your input Markus.

have a nice day and happy coding.

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