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Marcel Stäheli

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I have Parent-Pages that have Child-Pages. The parents function as an overview-page and store basic information that is used by all child pages. The child pages have some of the parents fields (in case the data differs from the parent) and additional fields that store child-specific data. Something like this:

Parent "car-Overview":

     - field 1 maker (page reference-field)

     - field 2 description (textfield)

     - field 3 dimensions (multiplier-field)

     - field 4 image (image-field)

Child "car-configuration":

     - field 2 description (overwrites value of parent->field 1)

     - field 4 image (overwrites value of parent->field 4)

     - field 5 maxSpeed (number-field)


Now for easier manipulation I thought, when a user loads one of the child pages I create a new object that has all the fields from the parent, overwrites the data that is also present in the child-page and adds the new fields that only the child has.

But I'm having major troubles with fields that are not just a number or text like multiplier-fields, image-fields and page reference-fields.

How do you got about doing that?


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