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Can't edit or delete some pages

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I started managing a blog with Processwire (3.0.65). Some of the pages don't update. These are just standard blog articles and I am unable to alter them in any way including delete. This only affects a handful of pages without any ascertainable connection. I don't know if it is a server issue or a Processwire issue. I need help troubleshooting.

A friend thought that mod_security might be the culprit, but it appears to not be triggering. The site is hosted on a VPS at MediaTemple.

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That sounds weird but... the good new are... it's probably not a server issue. 😉

Just a few questions to understand things better.

  • Has your user superuser rights/privileges?
    • What's your username? Admin?
      • Check your access roles in Access > Users.
  • Are all pages affected or only some pages? (you said some pages don't update)
    • what can be changed?
    • what can't be changed?
    • what have pages with/without changes you can/can't save in common?
      • templates? fields?
  • What can/can't be changed?
  • Do you get any error messages?
    • What do they say?
  • Do you see any changes in the backend?
  • After saving a page: can you see and any new timestamps in Settings (tab) > Info?



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Also take a look at the JS console, maybe you'll spot errors there, while editing / saving a page.

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Thanks so much for your replies. This community seems really great.

It looks like the problem has been solved by updating the php. 

I will close the thread once I figure out how to do so 🙂

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