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how to get last url path

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							<div class="dropdown-menu" aria-labelledby="dropdownMenuButton">
								<?php foreach($pages->get("/treatments/")->children as $t) {
									$count = $pages->count("template=clinic, cliniclocation=$page->id, treatmentprice.clinictreatments=$t->id");
									if ($count!=0){
									echo "<a class='dropdown-item' href='$page->url$t->name'>$t->title ($count)</a>";}
								} ?>


Hi you see code above.

Its a multi language web site.

When i change the language instead of default language,  url section ( t->name  ) not  change!

for ex: 

default language english


select turkish language


it must be 



if i use


instead of


translation works fine but not as url. as usual it echoes title

it look like 

http://www.domain.com/tr/konumlar/turkey/Dis Implati


if i use $t->url

it echo konumlar/turkey/dis-implati

 so if i get last segment of url it will works fine.


What can i do for that?


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Did you installed the following core module ? : LanguageSupportPageNames

It allow you to define a specific page name for each language and editing them in the tab Page > Settings of a page. (I think you are missing this one).




To answer your question :

If you have URL Segment enabled on the template then you can do the following :

$segments = $input->urlSegments();
echo end($segments);


$segments = explode('/', parse_url($page->url, PHP_URL_PATH));
echo end($segments);




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The url segment l try to get is on the sub category of treatments page so url segment is for the present page i think.

I get the url of treatment url or title of treament bit i cannot get the last segment of treatment url

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