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How to access to a specific repeater item based on a field value?!!


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I have spent the whole day searching the forum without finding the answer! It seems that the only way to use the repeaters is using FOREACH! I have a template with a repeater field assigned, on the Page I already have several records saved in the repeaters and I need to access the information of one of the repeater items, but in order to select it I need to ask for the current value of one of the item fields.


- Repeater Field
--- Item1
----- FieldA = 2
----- FieldB = BAR
----- FieldC = FOO
--- Item2
----- FieldA = 6
----- FieldB = FOO
----- FieldC = BAR

I need to get the FieldC value of the item that has value=2 in the FieldA


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