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KentVitrini - A Turkish City Portal

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www.kentvitrini.com - It is a City Portal of Corlu (Turkey) , our hometown.

After using TYPO3 CMS for more than 10 years for our projects, this is our first PW project.

With PW less effort, less stress but much more fun. I am impressed.

For Mobile Chrome Users :
The site is a PWA (Progressive Web App), so it can be downloaded to the homescreen of the phone for future visits.

As it is in turkish let me describe it:

It has 3 main data groups
- "Haberler" are News
- "Firma Rehberi" is a Company Directory
- "Etkinlik" are Events

As there will be more and more information on the site a Live Search will help the visitors to find everything they need.
For trying type "corlu" as search word, after 3 letters the search will be loading results.

The Top Menu is "Mega Menu" enabled. Looks pretty good on hover 
On top (under the main menu) there is mix of all content. It looks like a billboard.
Below are "Featured Companies" in random order, so the order of the companies changes with every load of the page.
Below (Left) News
Below (Left) nearest Events.

And below (Sidebar) A summery of all content, Weather, pharmacy on duty.

We will add Classified ads and "Who is Who" sections in near future.

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@huseyin Welcome to ProcessWire and many thanks for sharing this project with us. Its impressive and well done. 👍

Paylaştığın için teşekkür ederim

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