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domain name not recognized

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Salve, oggi ho ricevuto questo consigli su pw pannello: 

Non riconosciuto host HTTP: 'permaculturaorganica.info' - Aggiorna il tuo $ config-> httpHosts impostazione /site/config.php -  read more

Ma io non faccio nulla. Perché è successo? E che cosa devo fare?

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Unrecognized host HTTP: 'permaculturaorganica.info' - Update your $ config-> httpHosts setting /site/config.php - read more

But I do nothing. Why did it happen? And what should I do?

Hi franciccio,

Did you develop that site locally and now moved it online ?
First check your config.php file inside the site folder.

Look for this line: $config->httpHosts = array('....... ');

It should look like this:

$config->httpHosts = array('permaculturaorganica.info', 'www.permaculturaorganica.info');


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