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Change page output based on pagination


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Hi all,

Quick question as I haven't found anything from my Googling. 

I have a blog on the site which utilises pagination. On the standard blog page I have a custom header which has featured posts.

Below that I then have recent posts like mosts blogs.

Now if i click to page two or three I want the header to disappear and just show a continuation of the standard posts.

I'm not sure how to go about this so any direction would be helpful.


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Hi there.

It's hard to provide specific instructions without knowing a bit more about your site – for an example whether you've installed a publicly available site profile or developed a custom one yourself – but you can check the page number in a template file and only show the header if the user is currently viewing page 1:

<?php if ($input->pageNum == 1): ?>

<!-- your header goes here -->

<?php endif; ?>

More details here.

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