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Problem with InputfieldWrapper and columnWidth -> different rendering in Default, Reno and UIKit admin theme

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Hi there,

I have a simple Fieldset layout in a process module based on the code below:

        /** @var InputfieldWrapper $wrapper */
        $wrapper = new InputfieldWrapper();

            /** @var InputfieldFieldset $fsTop */
            $fsTop = $modules->get('InputfieldFieldset');
            $fsTop->icon = 'bar-chart';
            $fsTop->label = $this->_('Top Store Actions');
            $fsTop->wrapClass = 'bottomSpace';
                /** @var InputfieldMarkup $f */
                $f = $modules->get('InputfieldMarkup');
                $f->label = $this->_('Top Customers');
                $f->value = $this->_renderTableCustomers($dashboard[SnipRest::resourcePathCustomers]);
                $f->columnWidth = 50;
                $f->collapsed = Inputfield::collapsedNever;
                /** @var InputfieldMarkup $f */
                $f = $modules->get('InputfieldMarkup');
                $f->label = $this->_('Top Products');
                $f->value = $this->_renderTableProducts($dashboard[SnipRest::resourcePathProducts]);
                $f->columnWidth = 50;
                $f->collapsed = Inputfield::collapsedNever;

        $out .= $wrapper->render();

In UIKit admin theme it renders correctly like this:


In Default and Reno theme like this (which is wrong):



If I change the InputfieldWrapper to InputfieldForm it works as expected. But I don't like to use a form wrapper because the fields don't represent a form and they don't have any input.

What am I doing wrong? 



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4 hours ago, Gadgetto said:

Are those older themes still supported or are they only there for legacy purpose?

I guess Ryan is going to fix any bugs which are worth the effort, especially if the bug report itself is as helpful as it can be.

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