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[SOLVED] "Column Not Found ... field_fname.filedata" SQL Error after Update von PW 3.0.62 to 3.0.130


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SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'field_section_cooperation_partner_logo_desktop.filedata' in 'field list'

After upgrading a live site from 3.0.62 to 3.0.130 we get this error when in PageEditor with that field. It is an image field.

We also have done some field and template export and import from a local site to the live site, but nothing in regard to that field or the two templates that contain it.

On the pages that raise the error the field is empty. What is this {field_imagename}.filedata used for??

The DB-Dump shows the table is there and correct.

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EDIT: The error is raised also on pages that do not contain that field.

Why is it searching for the tablename with the added .filedata  and what / where is the 'field list' that do not contain the tablename.filedata ?


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Ok, I found out that there are 4 pages should contain an image. The images are SVGs and they reside in the respective folders. (As we haven't changed anything in that regard). On the editor pages, the images field is shown empty, even when it should contain one SVG image.

Now I think it can be something related to imagefiles especially and only SVG. ?

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@Lutz Heckelmann Oh, thanks a lot!

Now I know what is missing. The column filedata is available in my local version, but is missing in the live version.

Only difference between the upgrades from local and live is, that the local one was updated step by step since the last two years, as it is symlinked to my pw-dev-latest directory, but the live one was updated from 3.0.62 to 3.0.130 in one go.

So, now I will alter the table to add this missing column.


EDIT: Issue solved! ?

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@horst Great, thanks for the explanation. Despite such rare errors I personally prefer those loose connections between Dev (local), Staging and Production, compared to the stricter ones you usually need with Craft.

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