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Hi all, new here so please bear with me .
I have few questions regarding config.php file when cloning/duplicating websites (copy files to other dir/domain, export database > make new db, import old db, configure config.php):
1. $config->userAuthSalt = 'somethinginhere'; Can this remain the same as on previous website or I need to change this string?
2. $config->httpHosts = array('mydomain.com'); What is the proper way - with or without http/https?
3. Can I manually delete: site/assets/files/bunch-of-folders-here that are from old website or there is a better way to do this?

This post is actually about the proper way of handling new website when being copied from existing..


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Hello Milo and welcome to the forums.

For security reasons this should be different for every page. This value is used to hash your passwords to add an extra layer of security. That means when you change it you won't be able to log in anymore without regenerating the password.

This should be just the host, without the protocol. So without http/https

As far as I know there is no better way to do this, so you would have to delete files that are not needed on the new site manually. I could be wrong tho.


As for the title of the topic: try to add a couple more words so people with the same questions will have it easier to find your topic in the future 😉

Best regards and again, welcome to the community

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