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Which site profile is installed?

Doug G

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I set up some local development processwire sites some time ago, moved on to some other stuff.  Now many months later I'm revisiting some of those old sites but I don't remember how I installed them.

Does the processwire installer save somewhere the site profile used during installation (and the date, and the pw version)?  I looked over the log files from some of those sites and didn't see any such information.


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In /site/config.php look for:

* Installer: Unix timestamp of date/time installed
* This is used to detect which when certain behaviors must be backwards compatible.
* Please leave this value as-is.


You can find converters online eg.: https://www.epochconverter.com/

As for the core version of ProcessWire, you can find it at the beginning of this file: /wire/core/ProcessWire.php

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EDIT: removed misleading part of the path above
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Thanks for the tips, they help on a couple old sites, but some (circa v2.5 or so) don't seem to have the install timestamp in config.php, and also most don't seem to have a site/templates/README file.

This isn't a big problem, I am in the process of trying to update some wiki information I keep about site setup and configuration, and discovered I hadn't recorded any information about these older play-around sites from quite a while ago.


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