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Check if user is able to hide/unhide page

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I'm building custom UI for editors and I need to check if a user is able to hide and unhide pages (page-hide permission).

I thought that 


is intended to check this, but it returns true whether a user has page-hide permission or not. 

So what is the right way to check it? 

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Why not simply checking if the user has this permission (after installation) with hasPermission() ?


What say the doc :


Add this permission to your system if you'd like the ability to control whether a given role can hide/unhide a page or not. Without this permission, any user with edit access can hide or unhide a page. When the permission is installed, a user will have to have the permission before they will be able to hide or unhide a page they already have edit access to. 


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doc ref.

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@flydev Yes, of course, I can use hasPermission, but I thought that if we have $page->publishable(), $page->deleteable() ( these checks also relies on page-publish and page-delete permissions along with other factors), we should have separate method for hide/unhide.

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Seems like you have to install this permission first: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-2.6.15-makes-the-permissions-system-a-whole-lot-better/ (it's optional). 


It's under site.com/backend/access/permissions/add/ -> show system permissions

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