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PW 3.0.131 – Core updates

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12 minutes ago, ryan said:

The ProFields module, RepeaterMatrix also has a major update in progress, and I'll tell you more about that in an upcoming post. 

Would you be able to briefly talk more about that here?

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Hey Ryan! Just a quick note that you may have a cache invalidation issue going on: visited the blog root a while ago, and the latest post was still the one from last week. Checked the latest entry (from last week), and kind of accidentally spotted that the "newest blog post" link actually pointed to another post. Publishing a blog post probably should invalidate the cache for the blog page?

I've noticed similar issue with the sites directory (directory root is often updated much later), and in the past I've also had similar issues with the modules directory (though not sure if that's still an issue).

Of course not a major problem, but it's a bit problematic in the case of things like new blog posts, where folks might want to get their hands on them as soon as possible 🙂

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Hey guys, after updating my profile to 131 I got an error while trying to access the Comments manager from the admin side. Tracy says:

Error: Undefined class constant 'statusFeatured' in 


@  http://quebec.pw/admin/setup/comments/  @@  exception--2019-05-06--06-20--5415a6a44d.html

Tried to restore the the ProcessCommentsManager from the 130 core and it all works fine.

Here is the tracy info:



Cleared the modules cache as well as deleted all ../cache/ content manually and rebuild it but still the same. At first I thought that the issue might be caused of my /site/modules copy of FieldTypeComments, however the report says that it is the ProcessCommentsManager that is having a problem which I do not have in my ../site/modules/ folder.

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Never mind. It was after all the modified version of the FieldTypeComments module where the class was defined. It was a painless process where all I had to do was to copy my CommentForm.php, CommentList.php and comments.css to have everything back to normal and the new functionality in place.

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