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Site Backup Permissions


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Is it possible or could it be added in the site backup module, the option to give a role the ability to create and download a backup, but not have access to the delete and restore options?

I'd like my users to be able to create backups without having full access to the other two features.

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This is not possible right now, but it is definitely possible to implement, though I highly doubt Ryan would prioritize this right now, you have a better chance giving it a shot yourself editing the module's code and setting up the role/permissions yourself.  

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@vwatson, if you want a simple but not 100% tamper-proof solution then the AdminOnSteroids module makes it fairly easy.

1. Install AdminOnSteroids.

2. In the "Asset Paths" section, add the URL to a CSS file that will contain custom styles for the admin:


3. In this CSS file, for a role named "editor"...

/* Hide restore and delete links in ProcessDatabaseBackups */
.role-editor.ProcessDatabaseBackups a[href*='/db-backups/restore/'],
.role-editor.ProcessDatabaseBackups a[href*='/db-backups/delete/'] { display:none; }


Edited by Robin S
Simplified the CSS
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