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Recommendet Pro-Plugins


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Dear Community,

after diving into Processwire and developing my first PW-based project, I've read about the commercial plugins.

I know, choosing the right plugin depends on the project but:
What Pro-Plugins do the experienced users recommend?
Wich Pro-Plugins do you use most often in your projects?

Thank you for sharing you experience! 🙂

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You already said it, it depends...

I never go without ListerPro because listing, editing, searching and filtering is so easy, even for inexperienced editors.

Since I hate doing forms by myself I use FormBuilder in almost every project.

From the ProFields package Table and Multiplier (some of them unfortunately not multilanguage capable)

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First of all... ProCache.

It compiles my SCSS and JS files to small and handy assets. It combines multiple CSS/JS files if necessary. Awesome if you use Premium Templates and don't want to mess around with all of its assets. And it minifies HTML, creates static copies of all your pages and therefore produces all in all really fast sites even on cheaper hosting solutions.

BUT... you have to be careful if you handle custom-made forms or any real-data-interaction. ProCache bypasses almost every PHP request so handling user input and things like won't work on ProCache-enabled pages.

Second... FormBuilder.

It handles 90% of all my necessary use cases of contact forms or any other kind of form my clients or I need. It works pretty well with ProCache - but you have to use the iFrame option then but that's another story. In summary: this form-builder tool can make things quite easy but customizations are sometimes a good amount of work. Replacing one of the includes frameworks, like Bootstrap and UIKIT, can be replaced and you can even use vanilla CSS for it but you have to invest some time here as well.

Third... RepeaterMatrix (ProFields).

You can create almost every modern (aka lapa.ninja featured) design with it and create your very own page builder tool-kit with it BUT... you have to dig deep into how everything works. It's a tool to built bigger tools. I use it for a very long time now and I guess I used only about 20% of its full potential.

Last but not least... every other module from the ProFields collection.

There is so much in it and you really should take a closer look at the provided screencasts to imagine what they can do.


So... feel free to ask if you need details on one or the other modules.

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