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Persistent error

Peter Knight

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Occasionally when I goto Modules > Upgrades I get the following type of error.

There's actually about three of them and each one mentions a different line. In the example below, line 266 is

$new = version_compare($versions[$name]['remote'], $versions[$name]['local']);


( ! ) Notice: Undefined index: local in /Users/peterknight/Sites/mysite.com/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/ProcessWireUpgrade/ProcessWireUpgradeCheck.module on line 266
Call Stack
#	Time	Memory	Function	Location
1	0.0011	405040	{main}( )	.../index.php:0
2	0.2602	5197688	ProcessWire\ProcessPageView->execute( )	.../index.php:55
3	0.2602	5198064	ProcessWire\ProcessPageView->__call( )	.../index.php:55
4	0.2602	5198064	ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks( )	.../Wire.php:442
5	0.2603	5198480	ProcessWire\ProcessPageView->_callMethod( )	.../WireHooks.php:733
6	0.2603	5198480	ProcessWire\ProcessPageView->___execute( )	.../Wire.php:383
7	0.3009	5463888	ProcessWire\Page->render( )	.../ProcessPageView.module:209
8	0.3009	5463944	ProcessWire\Page->__call( )	.../ProcessPageView.module:209
9	0.3009	5463944	ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks( )	.../Wire.php:442
10	0.3015	5465248	ProcessWire\PageRender->renderPage( )	.../WireHooks.php:834
11	0.3015	5465624	ProcessWire\PageRender->__call( )	.../WireHooks.php:834
12	0.3015	5465624	ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks( )	.../Wire.php:442
13	0.3016	5466040	ProcessWire\PageRender->_callMethod( )	.../WireHooks.php:733
14	0.3016	5466040	ProcessWire\PageRender->___renderPage( )	.../Wire.php:383
15	0.3032	5470760	ProcessWire\TemplateFile->render( )	.../PageRender.module:514
16	0.3032	5470816	ProcessWire\TemplateFile->__call( )	.../PageRender.module:514
17	0.3032	5470816	ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks( )	.../Wire.php:442
18	0.3033	5471848	ProcessWire\TemplateFile->_callMethod( )	.../WireHooks.php:733
19	0.3033	5471848	ProcessWire\TemplateFile->___render( )	.../Wire.php:380
20	0.3036	5493112	require( '/Users/peterknight/Sites/mysite.com/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/templates/admin.php' )	.../TemplateFile.php:287
21	0.3038	5493616	require( '/Users/peterknight/Sites/mysite.com/wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeUikit/controller.php' )	.../admin.php:15
22	0.3038	5495120	require( '/Users/peterknight/Sites/mysite.com/wire/core/admin.php' )	.../controller.php:15
23	0.3085	5586144	ProcessWire\ProcessController->execute( )	.../admin.php:135
24	0.3085	5586200	ProcessWire\ProcessController->__call( )	.../admin.php:135
25	0.3085	5586200	ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks( )	.../Wire.php:442
26	0.3085	5586616	ProcessWire\ProcessController->_callMethod( )	.../WireHooks.php:733
27	0.3085	5586616	ProcessWire\ProcessController->___execute( )	.../Wire.php:380
28	0.3108	5596744	ProcessWireUpgrade->execute( )	.../ProcessController.php:333
29	1.2224	8773000	ProcessWireUpgradeCheck->getVersions( )	.../ProcessWireUpgrade.module:187
30	1.2227	8776256	ProcessWireUpgradeCheck->getModuleVersions( )	.../ProcessWireUpgradeCheck.module:185

I've been living with it for a while and while it doesn't seem to stop me upgrading etc, I'd love to fix it.

Anyone recognise this type of error?

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26 minutes ago, Peter Knight said:


I don't recall ever having seen this particular error, but I suggest you hit the "clear compiled files" button every once in a while. (at the very bottom of the modules overview page, where it says: "The button below clears compiled site modules and template files, forcing them to be re-compiled the next time they are accessed. Note that this may cause a temporary delay for one or more requests while files are re-compiled.")

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      Unfortunately, in my haste, I removed the theme from site->modules so it doesnt exist anymore, and the theme has defaulted somewhat to the old theme. Is there a way to restore UIkit as the theme for processwire natively, or do I need to completely re-install?
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