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config.php dbPass in plain text?


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Situtation: website has been running for years without problems. We are implementing changes and setup a "dev" subdomain to be able to compare old and new.

What went wrong: the hoster makes it possible to change the MySQL dbUser password. Which I accidentally did. Now the new password is not the same as the one defined in the config.php file under "$config->dbPass = ..." and the CMS cannot access the DB anymore. Nothing is working anymore!

Assumptions: in config.php under "$config->dbPass = " the string saved is the salted hashed password, i.e. "myFreaking$difficultPassword" would be saved as f.ex. "jfeime7??6$$3!2". Is that right?

What I need to be able to do: how can I generate that salted hashed password from the plain text password I entered on the host's webinterface for the dbUser?

Or: do I just need to set "$config->dbPass" to the plain text password I entered on the hoster's webinterface to change de dbUser Password?

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