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Little bug in the user roles

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Hey there,

I build a new site and used the fantastic processwire for that.

Now I want to add some users as a content editor, so I create a new user role and checked the following fields:

  • View pages
  • Edit pages
  • Delete pages
  • Move pages
  • Sort child pages
  • Change templates on page
  • Lock or unlock pages

The two others are unchecked.

Now I create a new user and add him to my new usergroup.

Then I tested the user, but he cant't edit anything. He only see the whole pagetree, but there is no link to edit the page.

When I go manually to the page I want to edit, then I became the info, that I don't have the currect user rights.

Have some others here the same problem?

I used the latest processwire and I love it, by the way. ;)

// edit

Hmh okay, I checked the other values, too.

Is there any other thing, that I don't see?

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Roles are actived per template basis, so take a look at your home template and access tab.

PS: Welcome to the forums!

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One more step you have to do. Go to Setup->Templates. Click on 'home' template. Click on 'Access'. Give the 'Edit Pages' access to the newly created role. You can also give other access if you wish as per the new role.

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