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Admin multi-sort / initial sort setting for Drag and Drop


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Would be great to either enable multi-sort for pages in the admin or to be able to set an initial sort order to apply before Manual Drag and Drop.

The main goal is for new pages to be added to the top of page listings in the tree when Manual sort is enabled.

There are a lot of historical posts about this in the forums, and I keep hitting this hurdle when I try to migrate clients from other CMS to PW. It is actually almost a dealbreaker for them wanting to use PW. I have never actually had a job where it was possible to sort by date created / published by itself. For example I do a lot of sites for creative clients who have listings of "projects" and want the admin to look like the front-end (most recent first), but like to retain the ablility to tweak the order of their latest jobs.


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Thanks @horst & @szabesz. I wouldn't want to install Admin on Steroids just for this, I actually use your module @horst https://modules.processwire.com/modules/page-tree-add-new-childs-reverse/ but personally I think this kind of thing should be in core. Why not multi-sort? Or at least a site-wide config flag to change default page tree sort from ascending to descending. This is a hurdle I hit every project, and I remember initially when using ProcessWire it was a roadblock until I discovered the modules to fix. It is more developers that are coming from other CMS that I am thinking of.

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+1 for

On 4/7/2019 at 6:32 PM, Mikie said:

at least a site-wide config flag to change default page tree sort from ascending to descending.

Agree that multi-sort would be even better, but if not, then a simple page tree sort order flag ascending/descending preference setting would be so very helpful. 

For anyone who is making anything bigger than a simple few-pages site, this is so important. I have 2 sites that run ProcessWire which have 60+ pages each, and typically I'm much more likely to edit the most recently-written pages, not the oldest pages. Similar to Mikie, I don't want to install AOS just for this one purpose, nor do I want to install a module just for this.

I like the UIKit admin theme, and I'd prefer it if the core could handle the sort order.



As you can see in the case of one of my sites above, I have to click on "2" every time I want to edit any of the most recent pages. It's not a massive problem, but it can be a lot more frustrating than you may think for anyone who is regularly updating existing content. As a blog owner, this happens fairly often for me, and this is not my only blog. Also, 68 pages is not a large number of pages by any means, so sort order will affect anyone who is running anything more than just a small number of pages.

I actually found this topic while searching the forum for a way to change the sort order of pages in the admin tree, but it looks like it's not possible, so I thought I would voice my support for this as a wishlist item.

I love ProcessWire; the lack of sort order options is a miniscule price to pay for all the benefits that come with ProcessWire, so even without a sort order option I still enjoy ProcessWire.

ADDED: I realized after writing this that (at least on UIKit theme) that in the admin panel I can select Pages>Recent instead of Pages>Tree, and I can get to the most recent pages that way. So, this is a decent workaround for my purposes thanks but I can see that other people might still prefer to have a pre-specified sort order for the tree, depending on their purposes.


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