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multiple domain admin access


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I have a multi domain setup on Processwire 2.7. It's NOT using the multisite module or anything like that.

So how it goes is I have a VPS with the main processwire system and website setup on it. Then I have virtual hosts with thier "secondary domains" which symlink to the PW /site and /wire folders but have their own .htaccess. In the .htaccess of each secondary domain I redirect to a specific folder in processwire directly off the / (home) folder

So domain1 (lets call ir domain1.com) is the main domain with processwire setup on it.

Domain2 (which we'll call domain2.com) has the symlinked /site and /wire folders (targeting domain1 /site and /wire files/folders). Domain2 also has it's own (not symlinked) .htaccess pointing any domain2 requests to /domain2 page and children on the PW system. Hope that makes sense. I've been using this for years and it works brilliantly and is simple to add domains to, all which use the same PW system and database.

So the PW page tree looks something like 

/home    (ie domain1.com)
   /domain2 (ie domain2.com)
      /childpage1 (ie domain2.com/childpage1)
      /childpage2 (ie domain2.com/childpage2)
   /childpage1   (ie domain1.com/childpage)
   /admin    (ie domain1.com/admin)

Now however I wish to access /admin from domain2  - domain2.com/admin/
But it seems I can't do this because any domain2 requests correspond to the page /domain2 and it's child pages and the admin page is above this in the pages tree, so invisible to domain2

Does anyone know if there Is there any way I can access /admin from domain2.com? Ideas?




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