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Visualisation Module: Pre-Alpha (WIP)

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I recently mentioned that I was working (more like messing about quickly :-)) on a Visualisation module based on the awesome chart lib Vega. I haven't touched this module in a while. I only realised today as I was transferring my dev setup to WampServer and testing things out that I'd left this off at a stage where one could view a basic Viz. See the screenshots below. Word of warning: this does not even qualify as pre-alpha in my opinion. It is very early days. It is more of a playground to test ideas. It's also not high in my list of priorities so I don't know when it will be ready...


Create new viz from list of pre-built visualisations/charts



Editing a single visualisation/chart


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Yeah, it could for sure. Though I'd prefer seeing support for queries like RockFinder does in the core. It works, but it has some flaws and I think it could be done a lot better. Making it possible to query the PW data via SQL in an easy way should not be the task of a 3rd party module. It can be helpful in so many scenarios... Grids, REST apis, Charts, ....

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