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I've finally managed to to remove my 1.5 decades old, all-ugly, frame-based photography site to something more modern. So what looked like this for a much too long time:


now present the images much better, has a consistent layout and finally is responsive:


The intention of the site is to provide some inspiration for the ambitious photographer and also provides a tips section focusing on some aspects of digital photography. After being idle for too long, I feel new motivation for adding even more tips as time allows. We'll see.


Layout is basically pure UiKit and all content (including menu and footer) is managed using my RepeaterFlex as a kind of real world test. The RepeaterFlex is inspired by the commercial RepeaterMatrix fieldtype but uses plugins to define item templates (in case you're interested, there is a small Demo Site for RepeaterFlex including some documentation).

The site uses lazy load of images (lazysizes.js) and page transistions (barba.js V1) to obtain a hopefully smooth experience. There also is ProCache running to deliver minimized css and markup.


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Forgot the link...
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Indeed, at the moment there is no version available for testing, but this will change pretty soon. Since the RepeaterFlex is pretty similar to the RepeaterMatrix regarding its use (yet totally different regarding configuration), I've requested @ryan for an approval first on how to proceed. As a result the RepeaterFlex will be made available from the ProFields board after some final cleanup and documentation. ...hopefully next few days.

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39 minutes ago, horst said:

Where exactly is the download link for the beta? Haven't seen it in this thread.

Good point, I probably should edit the first post to contain the download links... 😉

Currently they hide in the second post from April, 12th.


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