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Font Awesome Icons don't load properly.


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I have a problem with Font Awesome icons that came with ProcessWire - or some of them. Attached are two images - first one with admin view, other is from the view where you can choose icon for a field. As you can see, some icons are there, but most of them aren't. Neither browser console nor ProcessWire error log show any errors, so I'm kind of lost where I should even start looking into this issue.

Has anybody else had this issue? If you have, how did you solve it? I already tried to re-upload wire-folder, but it didn't help.



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On 3/13/2019 at 3:05 PM, dragan said:

Did you check your browser console? Do you see anything suspicious there?

Hi @dragan, I'm fairly new to ProcessWire forums, so a bit over two months later I finally see your response 😅

Console didn't show anything suspicious, and neither did ProcessWire error logs. However, some time after scratching my head around this issue I noticed that it solved itself - no idea when, how or why, but every icon is shown correctly now. Hopefully I won't come around this issue again!

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