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WireMailSmtp ERROR: SMTP settings did not work.


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I have WireMailSmtp 0.3.0

I am trying to connect to Microsoft Hosted emails and doing bellow settings

SMTP HostName: smtp.office365.com
Port: 25
SMTP user: full email address
SMTP password: email password

But when i try to test connection I got the error 
ERROR: SMTP settings did not work.
could not connect to the host "smtp.office365.com": Connection refused

I am able to login to outlook online with the same user and password.

I just want to send email through SMTP

How to fix this issue? your help will be highly appreciated.



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I can confirm that @Rudy suggestions work here. In fact smtp-mail.outlook.com seems to be one of the last SMTP servers that actually still works when called from a web app. I haven't had any luck with gmail's service recently. In fact, I have completely abandoned SMTP and use MailGun for everything these days - it's much faster via the API, than an SMTP call (no delay for the user), is free for 10,000 sends a month. The only downside is the initially setting up of domain records if you're not familiar with it or don't have access to change them.

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I use WireMailSmtp successfully with the following services/webhosting providers:

  • Gmail (@gmail.com)
  • Google for Domains (Google Apps)
  • Yandex for Domains
  • Outlook.com (Freemail)
  • Strato (Webhosting, DE)
  • 1&1 (Webhosting, DE)
  • Checkdomain (Webhosting, DE)
  • webgo (Webhosting, DE)
  • Dreamhost (Webhosting, US)
  • A2hosting (Webhosting, US)
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