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Would using "New DateTimeZone" in Hanna code mess up with Processwire core?

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I want to output the current local (server) time in 12h format.

Would this code interfere with the Processwire core date/time if used in a hanna code?

 $ct = new DateTime("now", new DateTimeZone('Europe/Berlin'));
echo $ct->format('h:i a');

Does "new DateTimeZone" only affect this code or would it change the general timezone of the Processwire core, thus risking messing up database date/time stamps?

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You're all good - it won't affect the PHP / PW timezone.

You can test stuff like this yourself - you can see that even though it's outputting the current time in Berlin in the first dump, the default timezone is still America/Los_Angeles


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Tiny explanation: The new directive only creates a fresh instance of a PHP class in memory, in this case a DateTime and a DateTimeZone object. The latter is initialized to 'Europe/Berlin' and used as the timezone parameter for initializing the DateTime object, which, in turn, is stored in variable $ct. Nothing affects the system.

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