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Selector Inputfield question: define fields in results preview

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I wonder if it is possible to customize the inputfield selector: It's working fine as is, but when you click on "matches the following pages", the modal shows columns which sometimes don't make sense (e.g. if I select template=basic_page, I get fields first_name + last_name). That was probably my column selection I made the last time I used the default Finder Lister.

Are those stored in cookies or sessions? It would be nice to define preview-columns in the field instance itself, after the initial selector definition.

Someone got an idea?

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It looks like there are many settings that can be defined for InputfieldSelector, but only initValue can be set via the FieldtypeSelector field config. For the others you have to use a hook.

The previewColumns setting controls the columns shown:

$wire->addHookBefore('InputfieldSelector::render', function(HookEvent $event) {
	/* @var InputfieldSelector $inputfield */
	$inputfield = $event->object;
	// Only for the FieldtypeSelector field of the given name
	if($inputfield->hasField != 'test_selector') return;
	// Define the columns you want
	$inputfield->previewColumns = ['name', 'template', 'modified'];



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