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Bookmark functionality as a separate module?


Backend Bookmark usage  

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  1. 1. Do you frequently use the bookmark functionality?

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    • It came in handy at least once
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this is not a feature request, the feature is already there. But for me personally, it's more often cluttering the UI than being useful. I would like to know if I'm the only one that thinks so. I'm WOW'ed by ProcessWire because it really often offers just the right amount of functionality and keeps things clean and simple. The bookmarks feature is something I thought from the beginning should be an optional module rather than something that's tightly built into the core.

Or is there a specific reason this has to be part of the ProcessWire core?

Looking forward to hearing your opinions.

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@MrSnoozles, could you please clarify exactly which bookmarks you are referring to? They are used in several different modules but I'm not sure which of them could be considered clutter.

  • Lister (Find) bookmarks - these are really useful for devs who haven't purchased Lister Pro
  • Page Add bookmarks - the config link for this isn't visible to non-superusers
  • Page Edit bookmarks - these can already be disabled in the config of ProcessPageEdit, and are disabled by default
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12 hours ago, Robin S said:

Page Add bookmarks - the config link for this isn't visible to non-superusers

Mainly this. I didn't know it's not visible for non-superusers. That makes it better. Still, I think this could become something you add as a module when you are in need of it, nothing that almost all users at all times need.

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