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Creating multilanguage form fields


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I'm trying to build custom form (module) and I want to make text fields multilanguage as they are in normal Processwire environment.

This is some of code I have:


    $form = $this->modules->get('InputfieldForm');

    $field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldText');
    $field->label = 'Title';
    $field->name = 'title';
    $field->columnWidth = 100;
    $field->required = 1;


    return $form->render();


This is what I got:



And this is what I want - with language switch at top:



Is it possible to accomplish with API?


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Evo da se i ja ukljucim, rijetko sam ovdje 😉

There you need to include FieldtypeLanguageInterface, or if you watch at TextareaLanguage, or TextLanguage you will see this part in Fieldtype class:

class FieldtypeTextareaLanguage extends FieldtypeTextarea implements FieldtypeLanguageInterface {

or in TextLanguage

class FieldtypeTextLanguage extends FieldtypeText implements FieldtypeLanguageInterface {

After that, in Inputfield part you only need to use eg. textarea or text:

class InputfieldMyNewField extends InputfieldTextarea {

Inside ___render() part you do not need to include multilanguage input because PW magic will do the rest...


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