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AllInOne Minify and UIKIT not right

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Hey boys

So today I played with Processwire and UIKIT all day.

Finally I wanted to install the new UIKIT 3.0.3 with LESS support.

So all plugins are installed (AllInOneMinify and RockLess)

Then try all this through AllInOne to integrate.
Have the JS in the footer and the LESS in the head.

But then it happened, at first I thought that everything was not found, but that was not the case. When I then parse the LESS per RockLess it worked.

Before that he could not find tw the CSS or this was not parsed or not properly integrated or delivered by AIOMinify.

I could not see the header tw and the stuff in the HEAD was somewhere in between in the source code.

Did you have that before and what's going on with AIO not right.
What would be a good alternative to AIO?

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If you don't need minification then just don't use it 😉 RockLess is enough to make your uikit less work. I built it exactly for that...

If you need minification for performance reasons I'd also recommend using ProCache, because it will not only minify your site but also deliver it via htaccess as static files and the performance benefit will be huge!

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If you don't change JS + CSS all the time, consider local tools like Grunt, Yarn, Gulp, Webpack etc.

IDEs like PHPWebStorm can do LESS/SASS -> CSS compilations too.

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