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[solved] adding virtual (non saved) pages to pageArray?


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$calendarPageArray = pages->find($selector);
$p = new Page(); // create new page object
//some page stuff...

I found out that it doesn´t seem to be possible to add an unsaved page to the pagearray...
It´s  for a worktime scheduling calendar... a have some real pages with the weekdays and their worktime... and I have also pages with special calendar days with special worktime.. I want get the calendar days from the pagetree into a pagearray... and then adding the generic weekdays as somehow virtual unsaved pages into that pagearray...



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    $days = 20;    
    $selector = "template=basic-page";
    $resultPageArray = $this->pages->find($selector);
    $p= new Page();
    $p->template = 'basic-page'; // set template
    $p->title = rand();
    $p->name = "virtual-page".rand();
    $resultPageArray->add( $p);

the dumping function is very useful!
Unfortunately I have a problem, this code should in my opionion add 20 pages to items... but only one page gets added, the rest are under $resultPageArray->itemsAdded




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