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We are in the process of upgrading our website. Our current PHP version is 5.6.  Do we have SeoMaestro version compatible with PHP 5.6.  If yes could you please share the download link

After upgrade we will make use of the latest version of SeoMaestro



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Apologies if this has been asked before (I searched but didn't find anything), but most of the pages of my site, I want the meta title format to be Page Name – Site Name.

But for the home page, I want it to be Site Name – some text. I don't see a way to do that.

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delete " - site name" from module settings and add "site name" if not home page.

$wire->addHookAfter('SeoMaestro::renderSeoDataValue', function (HookEvent $event) use ($settings) {
    $group = $event->arguments(0);
    $name = $event->arguments(1);
    $value = $event->arguments(2);

    $page = wire("page");

    if ($page->id != 1 && $group === 'meta' && $name === 'title') {
        $event->return = $value . ' - ' . $settings->site_name;
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Hi folks,

I just released version 1.1.1 which fixes the PHP 8.1 related errors from this issue: https://github.com/wanze/SeoMaestro/issues/41

These issues have been fixed by merging a pull request. I appreciate if the community can help me out, as I am quite disconnected from the ProcessWire world (as you might have noticed). However, I still want to support this module with bugfix releases.


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Hi, I was using this code:

$wire->addHookAfter('SeoMaestro::renderMetatags', function (HookEvent $event) { 
	$tags = $event->arguments(0); 
	$group = $event->arguments(1); 
	if ($group === null) { 
		unset($tags['meta_generator']); $event->return = $tags; 

To hide generator from SEO Maestro, but with the last version is not working anynore.

Thx in advance ?

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On 12/20/2021 at 10:06 AM, DV-JF said:

Hey @Wanze I've maybe figured out a problem with your module - see: https://github.com/wanze/SeoMaestro/issues/40

Edit: Because this seems for me that this could be a problem for anybody else, I'll copy the text and images here - anyone else facing this problem?

Seo image is duplacated multiple times:

  • PW Ver. 3.0.184
  • Modul Ver. 1.1.0
  • PHP 7.4
  • Settings - see. Screenshot below

Till now I've only setup one image on the Homepage (page id 1) for the SEO image field.
But it seems, that every time  I save the page  I visit the page an extra image is created in site/assets/files/1234 the folder corresponding to the page I'm saving.

EDIT OUUUCH -It seems even worse: - The suspicious files are generated every time the page is loaded in frontend - see last three screenshots.



This blows up the assets folder enormously and is absolutely weird.

For more screenshots see attachments.

2021-12-20 10_48_32.jpg

2021-12-20 10_44_08.jpg

2021-12-20 10_39_12.jpg

Screenshot 2021-12-20 at 10-30-13 Feld bearbeiten seo_meta • stadthalle-kelkheim local.png

Was this tackled in the 1.1.1 update? I can see it's still an open issue on github

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Should you use multiple sitemaps on a multi language website? On my current website (only one sitemap) i have this in the generated sitemap.

https://www.example.se/ 2023-09-24T00:43:23+00:00 hourly 1.0 
https://www.example.se/en/ 2023-09-24T00:43:23+00:00 hourly 1.0 


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