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Page Hit Counter – Simple Page View Tracking

David Karich

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25 minutes ago, wbmnfktr said:

Is your user role excluded from tracking?
Is the JS in your site present?
Are there errors in the console?
Is your HTML valid aka are there ending </body> and </html> tags?

Yes!, this happened to me, I forgot to add </body> and </html> tags.

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is it possible to hook into pageViewTracked from ready.php?
I tried the following, but since I am not so familiar with hooks, it is not working out.

wire()->addHookAfter('PageHitCounter::pageViewTracked', function($pageID) {

$page = wire('pages')->get($pageID);


Thanks for any help.

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23 minutes ago, ShadowByte said:

nice module.

Is it possible to get all page hits from last week (per day) / month (per week) / year (per month) to fill a chart for the admin dashboard?

Thank you in advance



No, this is not possible. As described in the cons, the hits are only summed up and no historical data is collected. The module has no claim to be a statistics module, only a small helper for a quick overview of accesses and interest-based sorting. Please ask @bernhard, he once wrote an extension as a module, which should extend my module with these functions.

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