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[SOLVED] Appending new item into foreach grid


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From my last post, I was given a good idea on how to count the repeater items, and it worked wonderfully. I got my code working well and the columns (based on the count) all work well as well. Now, I have a head scratcher on my hands. 

	$buttonsIncluded = $page->special_custom_buttons->find('special_custom_buttons_include=1');
	$buttonsIncludedCount = count($buttonsIncluded);
	$buttonsIncludedCountAdditional = $buttonsIncludedCount +1;
	echo $buttonsIncludedCount;

<div class="row">
	<?php foreach($buttonsIncluded as $button): ?>
	<?php if($button->custom_buttons_include): ?>
		<?php if($buttonsIncludedCountAdditional == 2): ?>
			<div class="col-6">
				<a href=""><?php echo $button->custom_buttons_text; ?></a>
		<?php elseif($buttonsIncludedCountAdditional == 3): ?>
			<div class="col-4">
				<a href=""><?php echo $button->custom_buttons_text; ?></a>
		<?php elseif($buttonsIncludedCountAdditional == 4): ?>
			<div class="col-3">
				<a href=""><?php echo $button->custom_buttons_text; ?></a>

		<?php endif; ?>
	<?php endif; ?>
	<?php endforeach; ?>

All of this is included in a larger foreach statement that is pulling in other data (like body copy etc etc) from a Page Table field. As you can see in my code above, I am adding "1" to the count, so I can have space in the grid layout for a new button.

So, right now: it looks something like: 

[repeater button]		[repeater button]		[repeater button]		[space for new button]

What I really need to do is to pull in the button from the Page Table and add it into the new space so it looks like:

[repeater button]		[repeater button]		[repeater button]		[button from Page Table]

Is this even possible todo, or is there a better way to go about this? 



So, I really just overlooked something quite easy here. Since the grid is based on 12 columns, I could just take 12 and divide by $buttonsIncludedCountAdditional which would give me the remaining col width to use outside the foreach loop. I was trying to make this too complicated.

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