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Craig A Rodway

classroombookings - open source project website

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Hi all! Happy New Year πŸ™‚

I recently rebuilt the website for classroombookings - my open-source room booking system for schools - using PW πŸ™‚


I started the project itself way back in about 2006, when I was working in a school and needed a solution. Over the years I haven't made that many changes to it - mostly due to lack of time - but it has a modest userbase. Fast-forward to late 2018 when it required a major update to support PHP 7, fix some issues, and I also launch a hosted service.

The website serves marketing, documentation and download/release functions for the project and I think PW is ideal for it. In the spirit of open source, the code for the website is also available on GitHub for anyone who wants to poke around and see my approach to PW web builds.

The site is pretty standard, the only 'custom' bit is the releases section, which it pulls from GitHub using their API and creates/updates pages (Releases module).

The frontend uses the Spectre CSS framework, and this is the first site I've built using it.


  • AdminTemplateColumns
  • ProcessDateArchiver
  • SettingsFactory
  • TextformatterHannaCode


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You got a small typo:


The practical web-based alterative to sprawling spreadsheets, cumbersome calendars and pieces of paper.


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Great tool - when will you build it as a PW module....just kidding..;)

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