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Where put site-specific config page

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I have a very basic interrogation about admin. I started to build my own module for users to manage the website (for example export or email sending), via a specific menu. Works well. But now, I wanted to add a config page (currently under home tree, using a settings template). This page contains fields for text, checkbox and images, and have to be edited by website users frequently. Searching around forum and different admin config modules, if I understand correctly, I can't save images, since they are not pages. Do I'm right? Do I should only use a link to harmonize the feeling and find everything under the same menu?

How, you, experienced people, manage this kind of settings page?


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Images can stored very well in an image field. Enable/use tagging within that image field, place it in your settings template and your done.

Add as much images you want or need and depending on its purpose add a tag like logo, frame, background to that specific image.


I used it in one project and the maintainer (client) used this ever since and was comfortable with that way.

This might not work in your case but at least there is a way to use one field for images and using them in different places.


Regarding the module, that you already have, you can set up those specific fields in that module too. Users just have to edit the module settings then. Don't know what's more comfortable in your project.

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I usually use Settings Factory, it handles most situations and lets you have links in your admin menu to the settings.

Most sites I build have a centralized Media Library, so i never need to deal with images in settings, e.g. if i needed to have a logo or some other image for a setting, i would make it a page reference to the media library.

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