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500 internal server error from PaymentInvoice.module

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The site works again, but without the PaymentInvoice.module. As soon as it's active the 500 error is back. So basically Padloper doesn't work.

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Sorry I'm late to this.

Could you please confirm:

  1. ProcessWire version
  2. You are using these namespaced (ProcessWire 3) PaymentModule files:
  3. Other modules that you have installed.
  4. You did a module refresh as well as deleting old cache files.

If you can paste the contents of your PaymentInvoice.module here please. Are you using this namespaced version?

If FileCompiler is coming into play, it means you have some Padloper files that are not namespaced. According to the error, the problem is not PaymentInvoice but the class that it extends, i.e. PaymentModule.

Alternatively, if I have access to the server, I can have a look. This is a problem that has been reported before and the culprits have been either namespacing or old references in the database.

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PW 3.0.98 with the latest PaymentModule and PaymentInvoice.module. Already deleted cache and refreshed several times.

Sent you a message with logins.

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